Happy Birthday to my Pumpkin


Happy B’day to the person I love the most

The one who stole my heart,

You are beautiful

sweet and amazing,

You are pretty

radiant and lovely,

I fall for you

Oh so frequently,

You are attractive

pretty and gorgeous,

You are my Pumpkin

who makes my world spin and whirl,

who makes my life a ball,

who is simply kick-ass,

who makes everything else seem lame,

who makes life so fantastic.

Although you have more than

A hundred followers on Twitter,

You know that my love for you

is matched by no other.

You are a woman who

knows what she wants

Losing you for no reason

the very thought of it daunts.

You’re prettier than the prettiest,

You’re sweeter than the sweetest,

You’re hotter than the hottest,

You’re cuter than the cutest,

You’re sexier than the sexiest,

You’re lovelier than the loveliest,

You make me happier than the happiest,

You’re simply the best.

There isn’t a way to explain or tell

How life without you would be hell

But thank God that isn’t true

And I am lucky enough to have you

There is no way I could have got

A best friend more loving and hot

You and I make a flawless pair

I love a lot baby, I swear…

Happy B’day to my Bestie.. ♥♥

©Saloni Agarwal | 2017

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Author: Saloni Agarwal

I developed love with the camera and soon, realized the dream of becoming a fashion & wedding photographer.

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